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(note: Maggi’s homepage is/was at http://maggi.new21.net/, however there seems to currently be a problem with it — I would probably know more if I could read Korean. I thought that Maggi had a Pixiv account, but I was unable to locate it. If anyone knows anymore about Maggi and their online activity, I would appreciate knowing, and will update this post as needed.)

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Art and sketches by Adriano De Vincentiis:

Great Mazinger - Venus & Jun, and Mazinger Z - Aphrodite & Sayaka
Captain Harlock & Kei
Space Cobra & Co. and Cutie Honey
Queen Esmeraldas
Cat’s Eye - Hitomi, Rui, & Ai and Daitran 3
Casshern and Friender
Gatchaman - Jun

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